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What is gulet?

Solar Yachting - Was ist Gulet

Solar Yachting - Was ist Gulet

What is Gulet?

Gulet is a boat form unique to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of our country. Gulets, which have been traditionally produced in our country’s shipyards for centuries, have been produced by professional masters over generations and have now become perfect. In our country there are many Gulet shipyards from Bodrum to Fethiye and there are also small shipyards producing.

In addition to the classic gulets, it is also possible to find gulets produced on demand. Traditional gulets are made of masonry and their names are known as the classic gulet of Bodrum, but gulets produced on demand can be used with different materials and methods such as wood lamination. It is also possible to see Gulets made of steel recently. The classic gulets on our shores provide ample sunbathing areas, large aft decks and spacious cabins to enable Blue Voyages to become world-class enjoyable excursions.

Nowadays, you can see the gulets of different sizes and characteristics and their development according to the past years. The gulets, which range in length from 14 meters to 35 meters, have many different features from the technology and activity tools they include to kitchen designs, cabin sizes and sunbathing areas.

Today, gulets have been able to meet all their needs perfectly in the course of at least a week. The gulets used today provide a perfect holiday opportunity with large and comfortable living areas, large and high cabins and radar systems that provide security in all weather conditions.

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