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Boat Registration Document (Transitlog)

When chartering a yacht in Turkey, the transit-log is an important document, which shall be written in a correct form. The skipper shall carry the transit-log document during the whole charter and show it on demand of the harbour’s office or the coastal police.

What’s that?

Yacht charter in Turkey and the transit-log: in fact, the transit-log is a document, which allows the yacht and the crew to sail in the yachting region between Hopa and Antalya. The document shall be issued for each yacht charter with the route along the Turkish coast and contains information about the yacht, the owner, other crew members as well as the planned cruising route. This document is normally issued just before the charter and shall be certified by the harbour’s master’s stamp of the initial port.

When, where and who may demand the transit-log document during the charter?

The document about the transit-log shall be presented on demand of the port authorities of each new port, which you might enter during the charter. Even if you do not plan to enter any port at all, you can not set out to sea without the transit-log. It may be demanded by the coastal police at anchorage or even when the yacht moves. The coastal police (Sahil Güvenlik) is easy to recongnize by white motor boats with a wide orange coloured diagonal line on the sides.