Maintenance | Solar Yachting
Maintanance - Solar Yachting


With our expert team we provide all necessary support to solve the technical problems of your yacht and do the pre-season maintenances as soon as possible

With your call our service will be at your service no matter your boat is in a bay or a marine

  • Washing of yacht
  • Airing of yacht
  • Food and drinks
  • Running engine and generatör
  • Checking batteries
  • Checking water system
  • Checking toilet system
  • Checking mooring lines
  • Checking navigation system
  • Washing of deck and teak
  • Checking water,gas and fuel
  • Zodiac and outboard maintenance
  • Laundry service
  • Planing of the optimal service
  • Checking cushions
  • Mast and rigging check
  • Sail and sail system maintenance
  • Engine ,electric and water systems check
  • Fuel service
  • Electric equipments service
  • Outboard maintenance
  • Waste and water tanks maintenance
  • Sail, mast and rigging maintenance
  • Lifting
  • Antifouling
  • Chrom polish
  • Teak maintenance
  • Polyester and gelcoated repair
  • Safety and first aid equipments and license check
  • Shaft, valve and under water systems maintenance