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Term & Conditions

Our bareboat or skippered charter packages are based on a Charter  Contract which is the common charter contract in Turkey

The Charterer must be over the age of 18 years and confirm that he/she and/or the crew members are capable and competent to sail the yacht in the cruising area of the yacht

Solar Yachting will provide a navigable yacht equipped pursuant to the laws and regulations in force of the flag and registration of the yacht at specified start time. Solar Yachting will issue the boat papers specifying the navigation area, period authorized and area/boat covered by insurance. Should the specified Yacht not be available, Solar Yachting reserves the right to substitute with a similar Yacht. In the event of the yacht being cheaper/smaller, Solar Yachting will refund the price difference or alternatively you may elect to cancel the charter with a full refund. The Charterer shall be entitled to a pro-rata portion of the charter fees covering periods of delay in delivery of the Yacht. Alternative accommodation will be arranged and paid for by Solar Yachting whilst the yacht is delayed.

Should the Charterer not be present at the specified date/time due to whatever reason, Solar Yachting reserves the right to reset the time of delivery within a 24-hour period thereafter. The Charterer must examine the Yacht prior to departure to determine whether the vessel and dinghy are in good working order, are properly outfitted with all standard safety equipment and accessories as well as any other requested items (inventory).

Acceptance by the Charterer certifies that Solar Yachting has fulfilled its obligations. Solar Yachting strictly prohibits the use or consumption of illegal drugs on board. Solar Yachting shall not be held liable for claims resulting in property damage arising from or related to consumption of alcohol or drugs.

You are obliged under Turkish sailing law to have at least one official sailing license.  Turkish port authority police will recognize any official paper from a sailing school, a yacht club or any relative organization or institution that verifies your ability to competently handle a sailing yacht.

The skipper must have his/her original document with him/her

You may also be required to submit a sailing resume that will enable us to assess your ability  to sail in safety. We reserve the right to refuse chartering a boat or to insist that charterers hire a professional skipper if their sailing skills are not deemed sufficient.


Charters usually begin  on Saturdays at 16:00 and end at 09:00 on Saturday.

However you will be required to return to base on the last evening of your charter (Friday) as this is the minimum time required to ensure that the boat is delivered to the next charter in perfect working order.

All yachts are fully insured against total loss and third party liability with self behalf of the amount of the deposit.

The loss of dinghy, outboard-motor or sea kayaks are within the selfbehalf and not covered by the insurance.

Crew and their personal possessions are not covered by the yachts insurance.

We highly recommend to take care for a personal insurance coverage.

The Skipper must be holder of a valid sailing license or provide a proof of his previous sailing experience.

A refundable security deposit has to be paid prior to embarkation, which varies according to the size of the yacht. Every yacht is comprehensively insured (against damage to the hull, machinery and/or equipment), including third Party cover, beyond a deductible excess figure.

The refundable Security Deposit is held against the yachts insurance excess. In case  of damage to the yacht or loss of equipment, the estimated value for repairs and replacement  is withheld from your security deposit and the balance is returned to you.


A down payment is required by bank transfer to our account  in order to confirm booking.

50% of the payment  is required to confirm booking, rest in  60 days before embarkation.

The Charterer is responsible for additional running expenses occurring during the charter such as food, pilotage, mooring and docking fees, port charges, cruising taxes and customs and these charges are not part of the charter package.

Solar Yachting will apply cancellation policy as follows depending on the time-interval between the booking
confirmation and the cancellation date

For bookings cancelled by the charterer more than 90 days before embarkation, the 50% of the charter fee is retained.
For bookings cancelled by the charterer less than 45 days before embarkation, the 100% of the charter fee is retained.

We will take all precaution to ensure that the booked yacht will be available to the charterer  at the place and time agreed. If circumstances is beyond our reasonable control, then we will either supply a similar yacht or return the payment to the charterer, who will have no other claim against us.

We highly recommend a “cancellation insurance” to be taken by the charterer at his own

Once the following formalities have been completed the charterer is in possession of the yacht , for the agreed dates.

Full payment of the charter.

Submission of Crew list and arrival details (no later than 2 weeks prior to charter).

Submission of Sailing Certificate or Experience Report.

Refundable Yacht Security Deposit is received at the Base or held by a booking agent.

The Charterer agrees to take on board the number of Passengers stated on the Crew list (this must not exceed the maximum number that the yacht is licensed for according to Turkish law). The yacht is only to be used for pleasure. Racing is not permitted except for pre booked events when specific conditions apply. The vessel shall not transport merchandise, engage in trade, nor in any way violate the laws of any other government within the jurisdiction. Rafting to another vessel at anchor is strictly prohibited. Night sailing (between 30min before sunset and 30 min after sunrise) is not permitted. The Charterer agrees to restrict the use of the Yacht to the ‘cruising area’. It is the responsibility of the charterer to observe the laws of any country the Charterer visits and to report the arrival and departure of the yacht to the harbor master. Dogs are not allowed on any of our yachts.