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Charter Management

As Solar Yachting, our aim is to prepare the optimal chartering plan to meet the demands of the boat owners.

By chartering your yacht in Solar Yachting fleet you can get income and be sure your yacht is safe.

With our expert team we provide all necessary support to solve the technical problems of your yacht and do the pre-season maintenances as soon as possible

With your call our service will be at your service no matter your boat is in a bay or a marine

Maintanance - Solar Yachting
Offical Process - Solar Yachting
Offical Process

Port entry and departure process

Document process of commercial yachts

Port registration process

Sorvey process of private yachts

Boat Registration Document (Transitlog)

When chartering a yacht in Turkey, the transit-log is an important document, which shall be written in a correct form. The skipper shall carry the transit-log document during the whole charter and show it on demand of the harbour’s office or the coastal police.

Transitlog - Solar Yachting